The Noʻeau
Learning Box

The Noʻeau Learning Box Delivery program was launched in mid-March in response to COVID and to address the needs of our families who are sheltering in place. Boxes are filled with educational handcrafted Hawaiian games and activities and then loaned to families. These boxes are now available to teachers and community organizations.

What’s new?

  • We deliver to the entire island of O‘ahu, not just 96707 and 96706.
  • A bonus hands-on activity will be included in each box.
  • A one time $10 delivery/pick up fee will be assessed to cover transportation costs.
  • Extended time. You will have 2 weeks with your box, rather than 5 days.

The Ulu A‘e Learning Center wants to share its program resources with you.

Click on the link below to schedule delivery of your first No‘eau Box. It’s a crate of activities and resources on loan to you for two weeks. We’ll deliver the box to you and in a few days we’ll pick it up right from your front door. There is no charge for this service thanks to our generous sponsors: Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Kamehameha Schools.

We do ask that you take care of these resources while they are on loan to you – and that you return all items upon your scheduled pick up date.

What’s In the Box

(each box will have a different combination of the games and activities listed below)

  • Kōnane (Hawaiian checkers)
  • Kimo (jacks)
  • No‘a (finding a pebble under a cloth)
  • Pala‘ie (loop and ball)
  • Hū (kukui nut tops)
  • Hei manu (card game)
  • Hūlō (Hawaiian word game)
  • Hei (string figures)
  • Lauhala strips for making i‘a or hōkū
  • ‘Ohe kāpala for designing your own wrapping paper, tote bag, headband or greeting card
  • Lāʻī strips to practice lei making using hilo (twist) or haku (braid)
  • mokupuni (geography activity)

I loved seeing them laugh together. Thank you for allowing us to learn about their culture and give us this time to play as an ʻohana. / Aloha e Ulu Aʻe, Mahalo no ka ʻae ʻana iā mākou e hoʻohana i nā pāʻani Hawaiʻi, ua leʻaleʻa. Me ke aloha nui.

-– ka ʻohana Gowan

We enjoyed the cultural Hawaiian activities and time well spent as an ʻohana. We appreciate all who is helping the Ulu Aʻe Learning Center now and for taking the time to think about those now, especially during these times.

-– Love, Rory, Jenna & Josh Yadao

You have inspired me to create kits for the families I service who cannot afford materials.

-– ka ‘ohana Leoiki

Your kindness means so much…I feel that so many families in Hawaiʻi and beyond are bonded in ways we never thought would happen to us, on such a global scale.

-– Josh & Kanani DeLary

Kōnane! We used to play as kids and our kids learned and picked it up quickly. The younger ones loved the kukui tops! Everything was awesome. Thank you!

-– ka ‘ohana Coleman

 The box came at the right time, we were starting to get cabin fever.

-– ka ‘ohana Tolentino

This is the nicest gift box ever…just wow! We have been playing and learning all weekend.

-– ka ‘ohana Lee

He wahi leo mahalo kēia iā ʻoe e Mikiʻala a me Ulu Aʻe Learning Center. Ua leʻaleʻa maoli nō ka pāʻani ʻana i nā pāʻani Hawaiʻi me ka ʻohana. Ua pōmaikaʻi maoli nō ka ʻohana. Me ka mahalo mau.

-– ka ‘ohana Caceres

Your donation will grow rooted and engaged children and families in our communities.