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Ulu Aʻe
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Growing Rooted and Engaged Communities

Ulu A‘e was formed in 2014 with the vision to have entire communities knowledgeable and engaged in the place they live. We deliver culture and place-based education for keiki and families of Honouliuli through half day and intersession student days, other cultural community programs and volunteer workdays.

Our mission is to empower and enrich lives through programs that develop skills, build confidence and promote healthy relationships based on the values and customs of our kūpuna.


The Nene‘e program is designed for keiki ages 5 – 14 and held during the DOE intersession breaks. Participants explore their community through daily site visits and by engaging in mo‘olelo (stories), hana no‘eau (native Hawaiian skills and practices) and kuleana (stewardship). Daily lessons emphasize establishing life long habits that support our planet like using refillable water bottles, eliminating single use plastics and removing invasives from our natural environments.

Papa Kuʻi ʻAi & Pōhaku Loan Program

If your ‘ohana wants to ku‘i ‘ai for Lā Kūʻokoʻa, but you don’t have a papa kuʻi ʻai, pōhaku or kalo, we can help. We have 2 papa ku‘i ‘ai with pōhaku to loan out to 2 ‘ohana.


Every year on Ke Ala Polohiwa A Kane (Summer Solstice), the sun will set directly into Pu‘u Palailai. From Pu‘uokapolei the direct descent of the sun into the mahinaona of Pu‘u Palailai can be seen.


The Kapu‘uola Hula Festival celebrates Hawaiian storytelling through hula and new mele (compositions) at Pu‘uokapolei. The festival features performances by several hālau hula (hula schools) and live Hawaiian music entertainment.

The Noʻeau Learning Box

The Noʻeau Learning Box Delivery program was launched in mid-March in response to COVID and to address the needs of our families who are sheltering in place. Boxes are filled with educational handcrafted Hawaiian games and activities and then loaned to families. These boxes are now available to teachers and community organizations.

Hana Hei

Hana hei (Hawaiian string figures) is a form of Hawaiian storytelling and mnemonic device. Keiki learn hei in each of Ulu A‘e’s programs. Hana hei engages the young minds of our keiki in a way that encourages the use of our native language and the practice of a traditional conginitive form of memorization.


Our papa kuʻi ʻai and pōhaku are available
on loan to families in our programs.

Your donation will grow rooted and engaged children and families in our communities.