2016-05-02 16.41.22 copyThe Ulu A‘e Learning Center through the Adopt A Park program with the City and County of Honolulu stewards the site of Pu’u ‘o Kapolei. Once a month, Lā Mālama, a day of caring for the pu‘u is held. Volunteers pick up litter, scrub graffiti, water plants, seed new plants and maintain the garden at the hula mound.

Throughout the past ten plus years, the pu‘u has been laden with challenges of homelessness, drug activity, escalating vandalism, litter and poor water irrigation. Through our once a month stewardship, these challenges are addressed.

Community involvement and participation are encouraged to provide opportunities of stewardship and education of this historic place.


If you are wondering how you can help in our efforts at Pu‘u ‘o Kapolei? Thank you. You’ve done something wonderful by just considering it. Here are a few more ways to support our efforts:

  • Volunteerism: Join us for Lā Mālama, a day of service at the pu‘u. By giving back to the pu‘u, you will be giving back to yourself. Try it. With every bit of litter you pick up, with every plant you water, with every inch of graffiti you scrub, you will feel your inner self finding balance and serenity. It’s a satisfying feeling. The pu‘u somehow has a way of giving back to us more than we give to it.
  • Make a Donation: All donations will be used for our Lā Mālama and education efforts at the pu‘u. Donations will be used to purchase supplies for our clean up efforts and to hold educational workshops and events at the pu‘u. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law
  • Make a Visit: Take an hour out of your day to visit our pu‘u. Leave your phone at home. Stand in one place and close your eyes. Know that you are standing where our kūpuna once stood. Take in the sounds, sights and smells of this beloved place. Then open your eyes. Look for the sun. It’s a habit our kūpuna had. Say something special to it. And enjoy the view. You live in an amazing and special place. You’ve always known that. But somehow it feels more extraordinary today.

Visit www.puuokapolei.com for more information.