Chili Cook Off Rules

Chili Cook Off Rules

  1. Teams must file an entry form online by December 15.
  1. There will be a Grand Prize Winner. Among the prizes for the winner will be a hotel stay, free Character Breakfast at Aulani for a family of four, free hula tuition at Hālau ‘o Kaululaua‘e for two family members for one year and more. There will be consolation prizes for all other contestants.
  1. Each team must prepare approximately 7 gallons of chili. Chili must be self contained and served in 2oz. portions. The 4oz. containers will be provided.
  1. Chili teams must arrive at the chili cook off location in time to prepare their stations by 4:00 PM. Teams will begin serving chili at 5:30.
  1. Each team must be at their booth to distribute their chili.
  1. Each team will be assigned a 10′ x 10′ preparation area. If you need more room, let us know.
  1. The ticket holders are the judges. Each ticket holder will have one scorecard.
  1. All chili must arrive fully cooked and ready to serve.
  1. Each team must bring its own serving utensils, warmers, and extension cords. Spoons, forks, plates and napkins will be provided by ULC.
  1. Each team is responsible for setting up and cleaning up its area.

After you submit your entry form, you will receive:

  1. Confirmation of your participation and entry number.



5 points – Wow! This is the best chili I’ve ever had. I’ll probably dream about this chili tonight. I would want to eat this again and again and again.
4 points – Nice! This chili grabbed my attention. It’s not the best chili of the night, but it’s certainly very close to it. I would definitely want to eat this again.
3 points – Yup! This chili was good chili. Not the best, but decent. There’s something lacking in the recipe.
2 points – Um. This chili was okay. The recipe needs some tweaking. It’s definitely lacking a few elements. I probably won’t eat this again.
1 point – Huh? Was the cook sleeping? Not sure of this was chili or something else. Would definitely not eat this again.


4:00 PM All Chili Teams in place and begin setting up booth
5:00 PM Doors Open
5:30 PM Chili cook off starts, distribution of chili, judging, entertainment and MC announcements begin.
7:00 PM Last of judging ballots submitted. Tallying begins.
7:30 PM Winners Announced
8 PM Dining Hall closes


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